Hi, I am Nawal

full-stack dev

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JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Postgres SQL


React(hooks), Bootstrap, Node.JS

Soft Skills:

Initial exposure to agile,

working in a software project team,

using Kanban to manage workflows


Who I am

Full Stack developer based in Liverpool

I enjoyed some coding back in high school but then life happened ...

My story so far has seen moments of challenge as well as empowerment and perseverance, and through that I have learnt to be resilient and hardworking. I’m a proud single mum of a 20 year old and I enjoy nature walks, cooking and I am an ayurvedic yoga massage practitioner in my spare time.

When I moved to the UK, I volunteered to help a non-profit organisation with their website, using my basic coding skills from high school and the help of Google. My passion for programming was reignited, and I followed a 8 month full stack development course with Code Your Future. I am now looking for my first developer role where I can continue to grow as a developer, enhance my craft, and contribute in a meaningful way to a software development team and organisation.

Ahmed and I PIC

My work

A selection of my projects